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Intersect Alliance

InterSect Alliance International provides software and services in the area of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).

The 'Snare' range of collection, analysis, reporting and archival tools form a complete event logging and management ecosystem, comprising:


  • The Snare Server - Collection, analysis, reporting, real-time alerts, and archival capabilities, in an easy-to-use web-based package.
  • The Snare, and Epilog Enterprise Agents - The industry standard for capturing and filtering audit and event log data, in a supported package, and with an enterprise-level             feature set, including guaranteed delivery, encryption, and custom event sources.
  • Snare, and Epilog: Open source editions - Audit and event log collection, with code available under the terms of the GNU Public License.


Check out their youtube channel with demos and guides! 


InterSect Alliance has a strong belief that event and log monitoring is a key element in the future of IT security, and that the path to developing a mature and reliable set of tools is by genuinely sharing ideas and resources through an open source medium. InterSect Alliance have therefore released a range of open source security tools and resources, and they encourage users to download, use, and share these tools with others around the world.


SNARE Server